Banquet and Catering Boot Camp
"Planning a Celebration" RCS Banquet & Event Planning Booklet

"Planning a Celebration" RCS Banquet & Event Planning Booklet


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Every successful club needs to be sure that its food and beverage service is top notch, and nothing is more important to that success than to have a staff prepared to deliver the best possible member service. This is especially true at large events where the club is on display to large numbers of members and guests, including many first-time visitors—all of whom should be considered potential members.

RCS has perfected food and beverage service training with its nationally renowned Food and Beverage Boot Camp™ sessions—a day of intensive (but fun)! training that enhances customer happiness, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line.

This special version of this signature program focuses specifically on how to prepare, plan, and provide top-notch service at events like weddings, anniversary parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, baptisms, graduations, proms, club meetings, holiday parties, cocktail receptions, and golf tournaments.

Trainers will help staff understand the different types of events, the rules for menu planning, and specific set-up and service issues for each. Service standards for staffing, liquor and wine usage, and menu portions will be discussed in detail.

The standards for successful catering, including their role in the primary components of staging large events

Directing and Executing
Financial Responsibility and Control
"On behalf of my department heads and staff I want to thank Joyce for the training she provided. The class was truly outstanding! I thought she did an excellent job and we certainly learned a lot. Not only did our food & beverage team learn how to do their jobs more effectively, they came away "energized" by Joyce's instruction."
Gordon Digby,
Las Vegas Country Club

Banquet and Catering Booklet


Private club celebrations can be internal, a member guest golf tournament or wine dinner for wine club members, or external events like a wedding, member holiday party or bar mitzvah. Whatever the celebration, developing and managing a successful event requires a few skills for success.

  • Attention to detail
  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork

It’s important to approach event sales and management with a thoughtful plan along with consistent systems and processes designed for efficiency, so you can deliver memorable, engaging, and effective events.

This 36- page booklet is designed as a guide for catering sales and catering managers alike. We have included a few best practices, event standards, training tips, and workflow standards for you to use as a guide.

This booklet will teach you everything you need for success in any event or banquet featuring the following information and more!!

Detailed steps of 'The 5 C's of Event Management'


Menu Planning

Buffet Set Up

Event Space Requirements

How to Prepare a BEO

How to Create a Service Plan

Glossary of Event and Catering Terms

Club Specific questions for Event Planning

"Before you start planning, be sure you are well prepared for success!"
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