Strategic Planning

Purpose Driven. Integrated. Systematic. Dynamic.

Just as the broader world is rapidly and profoundly changing so is the world of private clubs. Today's golf and country club members have higher expectations and different needs from those who came before.

Given significant demographic changes within club memberships and the dramatic increase in competition both within the industry itself and with almost endless alternative forms of leisure and entertainment, the need for strategic planning is greater than ever.

Club leaders must look deeper to determine how to position their facility in the market and to ensure its long-term viability and financial sustainability. A service culture must be developed that not only attracts members but also makes them feel welcome, important, comfortable, and understood. A narrative must be employed that propels excitement, interest, and opportunity for members, customers, staff, managers, and all stakeholders.

That's where RCS comes in. We are masterful creators of plans that build on existing strengths, mitigate weaknesses, anticipate future threats and opportunities, and help you blend 21st century management approaches with the timeless values that are at the heart of the private club experience. Whether you are looking for a transformation of your club's operations, want a better understanding of your members' needs, seek help in making decisions about facility design, need to plan a top-notch tournament or program your club's activities, or face a crisis that requires immediate attention, the RCS Hospitality Group is able to provide award-winning, best-in-the-industry service today.

How We Can Help: RCS combines expertly coordinated workshops, solid research, and a thorough knowledge of the hospitality and club world to lead a sensitive strategic decision-making process characterized by both long-term visioning and a commitment to accountability. We work with you to identify the best process to each your objectives.

Full-Service Strategic PlanningWe will work with you to determine how best to achieve your strategic goals. From a one-day workshop to our full-service approach, we'll work work with you to meet your goals with the time and budget you have allocated.

Facility EvaluationThe RCS Facility Evaluation is a powerful tool for assessing the current status of your club and preparing you to take the steps necessary to ensure future success in a changing world with a new generation of customers/members.

Membership SurveyAll of our web-based membership surveys are tailor-made and developed in partnership with our clients. To bring affordable, innovative, and timely new solutions to club leaders, RCS has collaborated with Players 1st to offer robust experience management surveys.

Long-Term Financial PlanAn essential component of effective strategic planning is the development of a funded long-term financial plan that addresses operational and capital needs for the next 10 years; both maintainence of the existing facilities and the funding of strategic capital improvements.

Membership Marketing and CommunicationsA successful marketing plan integrates all external marketing activities with all club departments (internally) to surround the member with the club message.

Board Dynamics Workshop
This workshop illustrates skills needed to be an effective board member. Board members learn about the power of collective decisionmaking, fiduciary responsibilities and board communication expectations. Let RCS guide your board to club success.
Membership Movement Model
Look past current membership trends and forecast future membership counts over the next five to ten years. Let RCS play a role in your club's membership strategy.
Market Analysis
Using a blended research approach, let RCS analyze the current market competitors and determine the marketing postitioning for your facility. Put your best foot forward with the help of RCS.
Renovation Planning
Let RCS help you define the amenity program, work processes, responsible persons, and member service blueprint for each department. Let RCS ensure member expectations are exceeded at every point of contact.
Blueprint Design Review ServicesDesign for profit and the experience you want to deliver.

Strategy is a club's game plan for winning. A solid strategic plan maps out the moves a business must make to outwit the competition, captivate customers, increase long-term member value, and ensure bottom-line success.  

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