Food & Beverage Management

Making A Choice To Operate - Better.

Choosing to work with RCS on your Food and Beverage operation is making a choice to operate better. At the end of our time together, you will know where your operation is today, how it got there, where it needs to be, how it can get there, and what tools, resources, and procedures it must implement to achieve profit, pride, and customer/member satisfaction.

With over 185 years of cumulative club and hospitality experience within its service team, RCS Hospitality Group is known throughout the industry for its award-winning comprehensive food and beverage evaluation, consulting,and training services.

We offer a variety of turn-key services as well as customized solutions. Here are a few of our most popular programs/services:

- First Impression Secret Shop
- Management Service
- S.E.T. IT and Get It
- Customer/Member Surveys
- Focus Groups
- Evaluation
- Design Review
- Kitchen Consulting Services
- Staff and Management Training
- Kitchen Training
- Food and Beverage Bootcamp™

We invite you to contact us and let's have a discussion about what Food and Beverage services we can provide (or customize) to address your specific operation.

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