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Service is the technical delivery of a product or service. Hospitality is how a person feels while receiving that product or service. Hospitality at the operational level is achieved when members and their families feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood. In other words, feeling special and valued with every interaction they have whether it be online, in person, or over the telephone – with any department.

"Training Is Not Something You Did, It's Something You Do"

Choose from any of our Staff and Management Training Programs including:

- General Training Service Programs
- Virtual Training with RCSU
- Food and Beverage Bootcamp TM

What you can expect when RCS conducts on-site training
RCS on site programs can be delivered in 2, 4 or 8 hour segments depending on topic and number of attendees.

What's included?
RCS will work with you to design a customer training experience to meet your needs within the resources you have available in the time frame you prefer.

All RCS training program attendees are provided relevant materials to supplement the program. Some signature programs also included prizes, detailed workbooks, and certificates of completion.

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