Food & Beverage Specific
Food and Beverage Boot Camp

Front Line Employees, Supervisors, Chefs, Kitchen Staff, and Managers working in Food and Beverage

Every successful club needs to be sure that its food and beverage service is top notch, and nothing is more important to that success than to have a staff that is prepared to deliver the best possible member service. RCS has perfected food and beverage service training with its signature, nationally renowned Food and Beverage Boot Camp™ sessions—a day of intensive (but fun!) training that enhances customer happiness, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line.

The MEAT of Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Managers, Chefs, Sous Chefs and Supervisors

At the heart of every club’s operation is the food and beverage department. It influences the success of the entire club operation and is central to enhancing the member experience. No two facilities are the same, but at the core of every food and beverage concept is the “meat” of successful operations: managing the cost/expense relationship for maximum financial potential. This program helps managers understand misconceptions about the nature of costs, helps identify custom solutions for the club and its members, explores the role of budgeting in managing costs, and explains the ability to drive revenue through menu management and well-conceived accounting practices.

On Stage*

Serving in a hospitality environment and performing in a live show have many parallels. There are characters, a script, a director, props, a supporting cast, and a musical score. This program demonstrates the different “acts” within food and beverage service using the departmental sequence of service as a guideline.
Participants will learn their role within the entire show experience; will learn the sequence of service and importance of timing; develop proper service techniques; understand the importance of using systems and procedures such as table numbers, position/seat numbers, and adequate abbreviations.
*Also available online via RCSUniversity.

Kitchen Training

Our Kitchen Training program was developed from the need so many of our customers had for this incredibly important area of club operations. Culinary operations seem to constantly struggle when it comes to finding skilled staff. With our help, and this dynamic training program, we will help evolve your sous chef into an executive chef and help everyone move up in the department.

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