Food & Beverage Specific
Food and Beverage Boot Camp

Front Line Employees, Supervisors, Chefs, Kitchen Staff, and Managers working in Food and Beverage

Every successful club needs to be sure that its food and beverage service is top notch, and nothing is more important to that success than to have a staff that is prepared to deliver the best possible member service. RCS has perfected food and beverage service training with its signature, nationally renowned Food and Beverage Boot Camp™ sessions—a day of intensive (but fun!) training that enhances customer happiness, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line.

The Coach Approach - SPORTS Minded Service

Managers and Supervisors

Successful sports teams have common ingredients: teamwork, good communication, well-developed play books, productive practices, solid game days… and GREAT coaches. Having a well-oiled, service-oriented team at your club is an absolute necessity if you want to maintain a competitive edge. This training program teaches your managers how to become “coaches” for your employees— and how to build a winning team that achieves bottom-line goals. Success stories are discussed, focusing on lessons learned, how to visualize success, how to employ proven leadership techniques, and ways to avoid common mistakes. strategic vision, leadership, training, and communication among other topics.

Team Building Success

Managers and Supervisors

The key to any private club’s success as a profitable business and as a productive work environment is a staff and management structure that emphasizes teamwork. This full-day interactive training session helps managers learn how to create and foster a club wide teamwork culture that enhances member satisfaction, strengthens efficient operations, and sets the stage for strong staff morale and workplace harmony.

Discovering Your Personality Spectrum

Any working team: managers, staff or a combination of the two.

A TEAMBUILDING PROGRAM Among our most popular training programs, this team building exercise provides valuable insights into each participant’s personality traits and their values and virtues... as well as those of their team. This engaging program helps managers learn how people think and feel, work and play, communicate, teach, and learn. Based on principles developed by the Insight Learning Foundation and author Nathan Bryce, participants’ personality “spectrum of colors” is revealed by answering just 10 questions. This highly regarded program is valuable for any type of club and can also be effectively used with middle managers and supervisors.

Reinventing Successful Leaders

Managers and Supervisors

Leaders face the prospect of ineffectiveness if they fail to create a narrative that communicates excitement, interest, and personal opportunity to their team members, peers, superiors, and members. This program for managers at all levels highlights important changes within the club industry and teaches how to develop leadership skills appropriate to our evolving times. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE LED THROUGH THE NINE ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE CLUB LEADERSHIP: Evaluate Rediscover Eliminate excuses Vision Priorities Alignment Motivate Re-invigorate Think fast, act faster

The MEAT of Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Managers, Chefs, Sous Chefs and Supervisors

At the heart of every club’s operation is the food and beverage department. It influences the success of the entire club operation and is central to enhancing the member experience. No two facilities are the same, but at the core of every food and beverage concept is the “meat” of successful operations: managing the cost/expense relationship for maximum financial potential. This program helps managers understand misconceptions about the nature of costs, helps identify custom solutions for the club and its members, explores the role of budgeting in managing costs, and explains the ability to drive revenue through menu management and well-conceived accounting practices.

Creating a Strong Service Culture

Managers and Supervisors

Discover how your club’s service culture can help you retain members, improve employee morale, and improve service. With the natural, constant turnover of staff and managers, maintaining a consistently excellent service orientation can be a major challenge. It takes constant attention to hiring the right people, training them well, a commitment to daily coaching, and soliciting--and learning from--constant member feedback.

Private Club 101

Staff and Managers in a Private Club Setting

Understanding the private club leadership dynamic, member expectations, communication within a club, club governance, board and committee rotations, and understanding your role at a private club. This program is especially helpful for staff and managers who have never worked in a private club environment.

Member Service 101

All staff and managers of a private club

This program ‘hits the highlights’ of Private Club 101: Understanding the private club leadership dynamic, member expectations, communication within a club, club governance, and delivering superior, consistent service; and E.N.C.H.A.N.T.E.D. Service in a condensed format. Ideal for season opener or orientation and on boarding program.

E.N.C.H.A.N.T.E.D. Service

Any employee serving a customer

A general service program for any department providing customer service. Participants will learn key components of exceptional service using the acronym: • EMPHASIZE teamwork • NAME recognition • Positive COMMUNICATION • HAVE FUN • ATTITUDE • NO is NOT the ANSWER • TRUST • EMPOWERMENT • DETAILS

G.R.A.C.I.O.U.S. Service

Any employee or manager working in the hospitality industry

Based on the acronym G.R.A.C.I.O.U.S., this program takes participants through keys to exceptional service success: • Being GENUINE • Being RESPECTFUL • Being ANTICIPATORY • COMMITTING to continuous improvement • Using IMMEDIACY • How to see things from the OTHER POINT OF VIEW • Being a UNITED team • And making a SERVICE commitment

The Great Recovery

Any employee or manager working with customers or private club members

How to effectively handle a customer/member service recovery opportunity using role playing examples, games, and competitions to guarantee the training sticks! Topics covered in this training include: • Professionalism vs. personal feelings • Positive words and phrases • Respectful behavior • Paraphrase for understanding • Appropriate resolution

Train the Trainer

Any person tasked with creating training plans or training others

ITraining in private clubs is one of the most difficult aspects of management, and is often done without adequate resources. Yet, without doubt, it is one of the most important investments any club can make in its future. In today’s competitive environment, every employee must be a top producer and solid performer. A successful club culture requires a successful training culture.

High Performance Hiring

Any hiring manager or supervisor

It’s not enough to hire for skills and experience in an industry that depends on maintaining a strong service culture. Finding high-performance employees requires an understanding of high performance hiring practices. This training takes supervisory staff through a step by step approach to hiring well, which includes: • Needs identification • Advertising the position • Reviewing and sorting through resumes and applications • Preparing for the interview, including legalities every manager should know • Conducting interviews • Candidate evaluation • Checking references • Extending offers • Keys for new employee orientation

Understanding Your CX and Recipe for Retention

Managers and Supervisors in Operations, Marketing or Communications

From the moment a member drives through your gates until the time they return to their car following a round of golf, a tennis clinic, dinner with friends, a relaxing spa treatment, or fitness workout - their experience has myriad ‘moments of truth’ and touch points to make a memorable impression. This session will lead attendees through a half-day workshop that walks participants through the critical steps to creating an exemplary service experience. Using the tools and techniques that will be studied in this workshop, attendees will learn how to view the member experience through his or her eyes. The second half of the day will reveal “The Recipe for Membership Marketing and Retention”. Key ingredients of the recipe will be shared including: strategic vision, leadership, training, and communication among other topics.

Motivate Me!

Managers and Supervisors

Creating and maintaining a motivated work environment is not always easy. Motivation lags for many reasons: organizational fear or intimidation; bureaucracy or red tape; deadline pressure or anxiety; conflicting goals or messages; lack of training; conflicts between short-and long-term goals; lack of direction; unclear objectives; lack of time or resources; not feeling valued. This critically important training program helps managers at all levels create and foster a motivated work environment. Discussion includes Maslow’s Theory on Motivation, differing management styles, management behaviors or organizational conditions that reduce motivation, and the use of praise and constructive feedback. Successful leaders are discussed, with a focus on on lessons learned, how to visualize success, proven leadership techniques, and ways to avoid common mistakes.

Conflict Resolution

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As every club manager knows, conflicts are always present—sometimes between staff and members, sometimes within the staff itself, and even, occasionally, within the management team. Yet, avoiding conflict or ignoring it is detrimental to club operations. CONFLICT RESOLUTION I S ESSENTIAL TO: Protect the assets of the club; Protect the club’s reputation; Protect members; Protect employees; Ensure consistency with policies and procedures; Manage employee behavior; and, Resolve team conflicts. This essential program helps key managers identify the five stages of conflict, the many ways in which it can be managed, and how to constructively resolve conflict while containing destructive emotions.

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